We focus on contributing to the development of new and the improvement of existing therapeutics in oncology and immunology. Therefore, we develop and employ diverse cell engineering and imaging approaches whereby the latter span multiple lengths scales ranging from whole-body to microscopic levels.

Engineering Live Cell TherapiesInvestigating Cancer Progression
We render engineered cell therapies more powerful and provide a better understanding of the mechanisms governing their in vivo distribution, efficacy, fate and potential adverse side effects.
We focus on T cell and stem cell-derived therapies.
We develop in vivo traceable cancer models and use them to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms governing cancer progression and spread, and to evaluate new treatments.
We focus on solid tumours.
Recent work on non-invasive spatiotemporal CAR-T tracking that revealed therapy retention differences between different triple-negative breast cancer models.Histological detection of in vivo traceable breast cancers spreading to the axillary lymph node.

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