If you are interested in the basics of cell tracking, then please have a look at this Educational WMIS webinar I recently held with my colleague Dr. Vladimir Ponomarev (MSKCC, NY, U.S.): Nuclear Imaging of Cell-based Therapeutics. And if you prefer reading or want more details, then please have a look at our latest comprehensive reviews in Molecular Therapy and Frontiers in Physiology (open access).

If you are interested in how to approach in vivo cell tracking in practice, for example how to track cell-based immunotherapies or cancer cell metastasis, then please check out our video and protocol in JoVE (open access).

Radionuclide-fluorescence Reporter Gene Imaging to Track Tumor Progression in Rodent Tumor Models

As members of ESMI and WMIS, we are glad to not only benefit from but also very happy to contribute to these fantastic imaging communities. Invited by WMIS, we have recently helped filming an educational movie explaining the role of imaging in immunotherapies to promote the new Imaging in Cell and Immune Therapies Interest Group. Watch out for Alessia, Ewelina and Lindsay all featuring there.

Please contact us if you are interested in our research or wish discuss opportunities to work and collaborate with us.