Breaking news: Candice’ latest first author paper published in Stem Cell Research!

Congratulations to Candice for her excellent work on genetic modification of differentiating iPSCs to render resultant Hepatocyte-Like Cells traceable by non-invasive whole-body in vivo imaging. We are very proud of Candice, and invite you to enjoy reading about this exciting research here!

Graphical abstract


• iPSC-derived hepatocyte-like cells (HLCs) rendered traceable in vivo.
• Reproducible lentivirus-based gene transfer during the differentiation process.
• Protocol and reporter expression did not negatively impact on HLC maturation.
• Proof-of-principle shown for whole-body SPECT/CT-afforded HLC in vivo tracking.

Pint of Science Launch Event

Last week’s Pint of Science (PoS) Launch Event saw Madeleine wow the crowd with her presentation about live cell therapies to treat cancer and why it is important to know what happens to these ‘living drugs’ once they are administered.

Btw Madeleine is the Pint of Science coordinator for the King’s College London PoS Team who are going to present at the Horse and Stables Pub (122-124 Westminster Bridge Rd, SE1 7RW; 20-22 May 2019, 7pm; -> Tickets).